London Ski & Snowboard Festival

For everyone

Norway Home of Skiing have gathered Norway’s largest group of ski resorts, to make it easy for you to choose your next holiday destination. Norway is a wonderful alternative to the traditional resorts in the Alps.

With a population of only five million, living in a country a third bigger than the UK, you can understand why the slopes are rarely crowded and how the dramatic natural landscape is largely untouched.

You can choose from eight different resorts around the country which offer something different and unique at each one. Choose Geilo (pronounced yay-low) for guaranteed snow bringing a long and stable winter season, or Norefjell for award-winning accommodation.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, skiing in Norway is for everyone!

We love seeing people from all over the UK coming together at a show of this nature, and we are really excited to be involved in the launch of this brand new event. We are so passionate about skiing in Norway and are fully behind the London Ski & Snowboard Festival.

Trevor de Villiers, CEO of Norway Home of Skiing
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