London Ski & Snowboard Festival

Make It Easy

trixski was launched with one product – the trixski Ski Carrier – at the Ski Show in 2017.  The “trixski” is now synonymous with “Ski Carrier” to customers and has helped trixski grow to 14 products in the intervening years, morphing into trixski Ski Accessories. The underpinning of the brand has always to have products which Make It Easy. 

So whether it’s carrying skis, keeping feet warm, protecting goggles, fastening stiff boot clips, safeguarding your mobile phone on chairlifts, securing skis or snowboards during lunch, being seen and safe on the slopes, personalising a scuzzy hire helmet… trixski has the answer. It is not uncommon to hear our customers say that for years they have wished someone would find a solution to problem X, Y or Z and lo and behold trixski has! We like to think that having all these niggle-solutions under one roof makes us unique and we are happy to be in that niche.

I am so proud of the personal relationship I am able to forge with customers whether it’s with direct end users face-to-face at shows like this or on-line or with retail customers, the relationship is paramount. The London Ski & Snowboard Show at Evolution will give us an opportunity to further the building of that relationship.

Tricia Blaxill
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